5 places to visit on Ekerö

5 places to visit on Ekerö
June 5, 2020 Linus Axelsson
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Sevärdheter Ekerö

Ekerö and the Mälar Islands with their fantastic archipelago and nature have plenty of attractions and activities to offer. Below you will find five suggestions! Be extra aware regarding the Covid-19 situation. 

  • Drottningholm Palace

Say hello to the royal family of Sweden! Well, kind of. Make a visit to the fantastic Drottningholm Palace, located in the middle of Lovön. Drottningholm got its name as early as 1579 when a stone house was built for Queen Katarina on behalf of Johan III. Since then, the palace has been rebuilt and expanded several times and many royals have made their mark on it. Drottningholm is today listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Enter the palace halls, wander around the palace park, take a guided tour or visit Drottningholm Palace Church. In addition, there are many activities for children! And maybe, you’ll even get a glimt of someone from the royal family.

You can find more info about Drottningholm Palace here!

  • The Chinese Pavilion

If you make your way to Drottningholm Palace, donät miss out on the remarkable Chinese Pavilion. The incredible building is located in the far section of the palace park and is hard to miss. Colorful and built in Chinese style, the castle was built in 1753 when King Adolf Fredrik built it as a gift to Queen Lovisa Ulrika. The Chinese Pavilion you explore on your own, but if you want to know more about the castle there are audio guides to borrow at the entrance.

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  • Äppelfabriken – The Apple Factory

Already 375 years ago there were apple orchards at Hilleshög on Färingsö, the place where you now find the Äppelfabriken with its must production and café. Here you can bring your own apples and make them into must, a kind of juice. Or shop directly at the farm shop! There are also jam, chutney, mash, jelly and other goodies. Everything done on site! The café has cakes, pastries and ice cream. Even that homemade!

Here is more info about Äppelfabriken.

  • The Viking City of Birka

Visit Sweden’s first city – Birka! The town was built as early as the end of the 7th century and was an important trading place in the kingdom of Svearna (the swedes). Today there’s a museum on the location where Birka was, where you can stroll around the Viking village, learn more about Birka and Vikings from the museum’s exhibitions or eat Viking food at the restaurant Särimner. The Viking City of Birka is located on Björkö.

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  • The Blue Lagoon
    On Munsön in Ekerö municipality lies the Blue Lagoon, or Husbygropen as it is actually called. Large quantities of gravel have been broken on the site, but after it ceased in the 1990s, the remaining pit was finished and it became an artificial bathing lake. The water in the Husbygropen is turquoise and clear, hence the name – Blue Lagoon.

Here is a video over the lake.


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