The demand for corporate accommodation in Sweden

The demand for corporate accommodation in Sweden
September 7, 2020 Linus Axelsson
Corporate Accommodation in Sweden

Blog: The correlation between posted workers and demand for corporate accommodation in Sweden

The demand for corporate accommodation in Sweden has increased in recent years. We notice it ourselves since it’s the industry we’re in, by the competition from new players and more apartment hotels opening all around Sweden.

So how come more businesses have the needs for corporate accommodation in Sweden? Well, one reason is of course the new ways of working. More people than ever are working as consultants, on fixed-term contracts or have jobs that make them travel a lot. Many organizations require that employees are more flexible and can travel for meetings with customers and colleagues. Staff or consultants with special excellence might need to travel for work tasks elsewhere, and so on. Rather than letting their staff stay at hotels, some organizations get their own corporate apartments. Either for different people to use when needed or for a specific employee during a certain period of time. And the benefits are many. Mostly it is more cost-effective than regular hotels, the employee can cook their own food, wash their own clothes and have friends and family over to a greater extent.

Another reason is the construction boom in Sweden in recent years. Large construction projects have been launched all around Sweden. At the same time, the supply of trained carpenters in Sweden is very limited – and decreasing. Due to this, the number of construction workers from abroad has increased significantly. Statistics from the Swedish Work Environment Authority tell us that construction is the industry with most posted workers. It also says that the number of posted workers has increased over the years. Last year approximately 63 % of all notifications were made to the counties where the metropolitan areas are located; Stockholm, Västra Götaland and Skåne.

So, of course all posted workers need a place to stay while working in Sweden. And that’s where we come in. To deliver great corporate accommodation in Sweden, affordable and with good standards. To deliver a home away from home.

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