“Easy and simple, that’s EasyFlat. No fuss, no hassle, just great stays.”

“Easy and simple, that’s EasyFlat. No fuss, no hassle, just great stays.”
September 21, 2023 Linus Axelsson
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Primekss happy customer EasyFlat

“Easy and simple, that’s EasyFlat. No fuss, no hassle, just great stays.”

In the fast-paced world of industrial flooring – precision, speed, and quality are non-negotiable. Companies like Primekss thrive on delivering top-quality work and require reliable accommodations for their hardworking teams. We sat down with Kaspars Zaurs, Senior Project Manager, and Deputy Director of the Flooring Department at Primekss, to explore how EasyFlat’s corporate housing services have changed their approach to corporate accommodation. With Kaspars at the helm, Primekss successfully manage a team of 115 workers, divided into specialized crews of six.

“We’re in the business of top-quality floors, and EasyFlat makes our accommodations top-quality too,” Kaspars says.

Discovering EasyFlat

Around five years ago, Primekss faced a challenge – they needed to transition away from camping accommodations. This is when they first heard about EasyFlat. Their initial experience with EasyFlat occurred four years ago in Gothenburg, marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership that continues to this day.

“Tanya, account manager at EasyFlat, introduced us to the company, and it’s been smooth sailing since then,” Kaspars says.

“EasyFlat means no more camping, and that’s a huge plus for us,” he adds.

The transition to EasyFlat addressed several critical issues that Primekss faced when it came to accommodations. Clean and comfortable apartments near their work sites became a reality. Moreover, EasyFlat’s rapid response to inquiries and cost-effective pricing added to the appeal.

“EasyFlat checks all our boxes – clean, close, and cost-effective,” Kaspars notes.

Solving Key Challenges

When it comes to selecting accommodation, Primekss places specific emphasis on certain amenities. First and foremost, they need access to cooking facilities. The location’s proximity to their work sites is also crucial, along with reliable Wi-Fi. While pricing and apartment quality are important factors, cleanliness takes precedence. Laundry facilities are seen as a bonus.

“We cook, we work, and we need a clean place – EasyFlat delivers,” Kaspars emphasizes.

In the unpredictable flooring industry, speed is of the essence. Primekss takes pride in their “FAST IN & FAST OUT” approach, often completing warehouse floor projects in just one or two weeks. This often entails night shifts, early departures, and late arrivals, making EasyFlat’s smart key access system a valuable asset.

“EasyFlat’s smart keys keep us on the move, even at odd hours,” Kaspars explains.

Choosing the Right Accommodations

Now, what if EasyFlat’s services suddenly disappeared? It’s a question that Primekss, with their unwavering loyalty, reluctantly considers. While they might explore alternative corporate housing providers, their preference remains firmly with EasyFlat due to the exceptional service they’ve experienced.

“We’ve had competitors approach us, but EasyFlat is our first choice,” Kaspars states.

In terms of additional services, Primekss believes that EasyFlat offers everything they need, and more. From free parking to laundry rooms, heating, hot water, Wi-Fi, TV, kitchen, and even gym facilities when available, EasyFlat provides a comprehensive package.

“EasyFlat covers all our needs; we’re happy as it is,” Kaspars concludes.

In summary, Primekss’ partnership with EasyFlat represents a compelling success story. As they continue to thrive in the flooring industry, EasyFlat remains their trusted companion, providing reliable, comfortable, and convenient accommodations for their hardworking teams.

A Seamless Experience

“Easy and simple, that’s EasyFlat. No fuss, no hassle, just great stays,” Kaspars sums up.

In a world where ease and efficiency are paramount, EasyFlat has emerged as the go-to solution for Primekss, offering a reliable and stress-free way to meet their accommodation needs as they work on projects across Sweden.

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