Ekebyhov Hotell – a new apartment-hotel at Ekerö

Ekebyhov Hotell – a new apartment-hotel at Ekerö
January 29, 2020 Linus Axelsson
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1st of February, EasyFlat opens the doors to Ekebyhov Hotell in Ekerö. Just next to Ekerö Centrum, you’ll find the apartment-hotel consisting of two buildings with 30 rooms each, fully furnished and equipped for self-catering. The rooms are 30 to 45 square meters and can accommodate 2 to 4 people. 

Reservations from day one

Already on the opening day, the first guests move into the hotel. It’s a construction company that has been looking for suitable corporate housing for some of their employees. And for that purpose, they found Ekebyhov Hotell perfect.

-They have booked a bunch of rooms. It’s great that we have a reservation right from the start. But there are still remaining apartments available for bookings, says Mikael Lundström, CEO of EasyFlat.

The rooms are built and furnished so that both tourists and employees at companies can stay at the hotel. It should feel like coming home when staying at Ekebyhov Hotell.

-Every room, or studio apartment as it really is, should work just as well to stay in for one night as for four months. For us, it was important to create the feeling of a home, says Mikael.

Apartment Hotel gives big opportunities

By giving each room a fully equipped kitchen, they appeal to more target groups. The demand for hotel apartments has increased in Sweden in recent years. Many jobs require posting or working at another location for a certain period of time. In order to ensure the right skills in the right place and at the right time, some employers need to be able to solve the housing issue for their employees. Staying in a regular hotel is both expensive and impersonal if it is for a longer period. An apartment hotel is then the perfect solution for many.

A location with great potential

Ekerö is an expansive municipality and is the center of one of Stockholm’s largest construction projects over the next few years.

-I see great potential in Ekebyhov Hotell. First of all it has a great location, close to Ekerö Centrum. And at Ekerö, there are not that many hotels at the moment. Now that Stockholm Bypass is being built, construction workers can stay with us, and when the passing is complete, it will open up new opportunities for Ekerö and the need for housing in the area will increase even more. In addition, the hotel is incredibly fresh, our guests will really get value for money, says Linus Axelsson, Marketing Director at EasyFlat.

Yes, that the passing will strengthen Ekerö municipality’s accessibility and attractiveness is no question. “The road creates opportunities for continued development in a rapidly growing region,” the municipality itself writes on their website. And what could be better than just an apartment hotel where both businesses and individuals are warmly welcomed?

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