“Carefree, easy and secure rental for the property owner is our goal”

“Carefree, easy and secure rental for the property owner is our goal”
July 17, 2019 Linus Axelsson
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Niklas Eriksson, business developer at EasyFlat since one and a half year, is responsible for developing the business and finding new units for rental. It might sound easy, but for Niklas it’s important to establish a good relationship with property owners and clearly explain the advantages of renting out their villa, apartment or even a whole block of apartments in a property to EasyFlat.

Let’s start from the beginning. Niklas tells us what made him curious about the industry and the company:

– I’ve been in the retail industry for a long time. I’ve worked with business development, sales and marketing and for me, these areas are closely connected and need to cooperate. I was looking for a role where I got the chance to work with all these parts, and then I found EasyFlat. It was a perfect match!

EasyFlats business

EasyFlat’s business is based on a demand for flexible housing solutions for companies in various industries. From simpler housing with many beds for construction workers or contractors to higher-standard housing and usually a more central location for consultants in healthcare, IT or tech. Different companies that need to find temporary accommodation for their employees for a shorter or longer period. EasyFlat is the link between the guest and the property owner. The market for temporary housing has grown enormously the last years. To be part of EasyFlat’s exciting growth journey and at the same time giving a strong offer to various property owners is what drives Niklas.

– We become a guarantee for the property owner. We pay a bit more than the market and take care of daily operations and maintenance. There’s a win-win for the guest, the property owner and us. Carefree, easy and safe rental for the property owner is our goal, says Niklas.

EasyFlat are looking to find units that are affordable for their customers. Most of the guests are car-borne and prefer to stay a bit outside a center. Such housing can be difficult to let to private individuals but is ultimate for EasyFlat’s customers. The accommodation can be of a simpler kind but must of course have a proper standard.

A home away from home

– Our vision is to offer a home away from home, for people who work temporarily far from their own home. In order to achieve this, we have some practical things that we apply, for example that there should be a maximum of five beds per shower and that each accommodation should have high speed internet. Many of our customers work in teams. The leave and return to the accommodation at the same time. This means that everyone wants to take a shower, cook and FaceTime or Skype their family and friends – at the same time. Then some things just have to work. And it does in our homes. If something is missing, we always complement.

But Niklas also says that there are other things that make the residents feel at home.

– Tell them where their nearest embassy is. Nearest hospital, grocery store or maybe church. We try to create an idea of ​​what our guests like. We always want to give a little more and take care of those who rent accommodation through us.

A strong relationship with property owners

It’s also important for Niklas and the colleagues at EasyFlat to create a strong relationship with the property owners. Being flexible and innovative in the arrangement and development of the dwellings, Niklas mean is a strength:

– We usually sign contracts in one year with three months’ mutual notice. But with larger property owners, where we rent a block of apartments in a property, we usually have a longer rental period. With some, we’re discussing the conversion of real estates, where we, for example, propose the landlord to convert empty office premises to apartment hotels. And when vacating a property, we can rent apartments through short-term contracts. It provides cost coverage for the landlord and gives us the opportunity to offer our customers accommodation.

EasyFlat wants to make it smooth and easy for property owners to let their real estate.

– Cooperating with us is more economically advantageous as we work long-term. We pay a bit more than an ordinary tenant and also take care of daily operation and maintenance. And since we only rent the dwellings temporarily to our guests, we never demand possession of the property or flat. Can’t be better, right? ends Niklas.

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