“Doing that little extra is the reason why our guests are so happy with us”

“Doing that little extra is the reason why our guests are so happy with us”
August 26, 2019 Linus Axelsson
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The largest team at EasyFlat is the one that works with maintenance. They are the heart of the business, and also the ones who meet the guests the most. They make sure that all homes meet the right standard, are properly equipped and solve any problems that may arise in the homes that we rent out.

Lars Johansson works as property manager and is responsible for maintenance at EasyFlat. In addition to managing the maintenance staff and their ongoing tasks, Lars is often involved as soon as EasyFlat is to establish a new unit.

– The first thing we do is plan and optimize the accommodation. How many beds should there be? Since many of our guests live with us for an extended period of time, we know that for theirs, ours and the property owner’s sake, we need to make sure that the conditions for this are right. We have clear guidelines for our properties that they have to fulfill to meet our standards. A maximum of people sharing one shower is an example of this, Lars says.

Sometimes a minor renovation is needed before the housing is approved for occupancy. Typically, appliances need to be updated, or interior replaced. Almost always, the home’s internet connection needs to be upgraded. And all standard equipment needs to be placed. Most important is that the housing is optimized for the number of people who will move in and live there. If the guests lack any equipment, they try to solve the wish.

Establishing a good relation with the customers

Then the next phase, the rental period itself, begins.

– In the past, we spent a lot of time leaving and retrieving keys when guests were moving in and out. There was a lot of work during evenings and weekends for our staff. But a year ago, we started installing electronic locks in our properties. It is a wireless smart lock that is attached to the inside of the door, directly to the lock piston, and then you lock and unlock it via an app. Easy for everyone. In addition, I can lock out guests who have not paid their rent on time by removing their power to the lock, says Lars with a twinkle in his eye.

And it’s probably during the actual rental period that the maintenance teams efforts is most important. That’s when they establish good relationships with the guests, ensure that the housing is kept complete and clean and solves any problems that may arise. This also benefits for the landlords because it makes sure the property is maintained.

– For example, if a stove stops working because it’s an older model, we order and install a new one. Although the landlord bears the cost, we do the work. In addition, we procure electric hobs so that the guests can still cook. In this way we solve the problem quickly and smoothly, and both the guests and the landlord are satisfied, says Lars.

EasyFlats support is multilingual, which makes it easy for guests to communicate and report incidents. The support staff makes a work order for each incident report, which is distributed to the maintenance staff. The highest priority is matters concerning electricity, water and wastewater.

– Of course, problems regarding the internet connection can be annoying, but a water leak is serious and something we have to fix right away, Lars says.

More than repairing, replacing and installing

The team that works with maintenance has a variety of tasks, but all relates to taking care of the units and the guests. Sometimes things break, and even if the damage was caused by a guest who ultimately has to bear the cost, EasyFlat solves the problem. Some standard items are kept in stock, while some items are purchased only when needed.

– Yes, there’s obviously a lot of focus on repairing, replacing and installing. But we also spend a lot of time getting to know our guests and helping them enjoy their stay. This can include giving tips on excursions if a partner or family is here visiting, suggest activities to meet new people and learn better Swedish or even help enroll a person for a dance class. Doing that little extra makes our guests feel comfortable and it is one of the reasons why our guests are so happy with us. If we establish a good relationship with the guests, we can get information about their next project and help them arrange accommodation for them on that location as well.

Lars ends by boasting about his team.

– We have a really great maintenance team at EasyFlat! They stay close to our guests and are a big reason why our customers keep coming back to us.


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